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The lovely @SailorStardust0 on twitter informed me earlier today of this news! Sailor Moon Crystal will in fact include the Black Moon Arc as a part of the 26 episodes - following the manga acts act-by-act. You can read a translation here of an excerpt from Kobayashi’s interview in the Sailor Moon Crystal Official Visual Book (Mook) translated by Nagisayuu.

I’ll be posting my own personal thoughts on all of this at a later time (busy with grad school stuff), but I definitely wanted everyone to know about this!!! 

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To say Korra was startled by the little girl wouldn’t be much of an understatement, but by the time Akemi was set onto her lap she’d settled down again. Or at least enough to move her arms so they held the girl in place so she wouldn’t fall off when it came time to move.

In greeting, the young Avatar managed to give Mizuko a tired nod- she hadn’t been able to sleep yet again the night before, so if anything, talking would probably be even more to a minimum than it had been before. Talking took too much energy and that energy she did not have.

Mizuko gave Korra a nod smiling at the two of them. “Avatar! Avatar!” The child repeated and clapped her hands as soon as her mother moved the wheelchair. After a while they managed to get down by the dock and get back to the main land before ten. Noatak was cradling one of the twins as the infant cried.


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That is very true too!

I mean I’ve been single my whole life and I can’t say I’ve minded it. To be truthful I always felt more anxiety at the thought of dating someone. I enjoy my me-time and never really felt like I was missing much. But I will say as I’ve gotten older it has been on my mind more. Moreso that I’d just like to find someone to share my life with.

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Mizuko and her family arrived at the dock in time to catch the boat. Akemi accompanied her mother on the trip to Air Temple Island as Noatak stayed with the twins who were napping. It only took about twenty minutes to finally arrive at the island and the mother and toddler departed with the boat and walked up the many steps to get to the residences.

Korra had been dressed and set into her wheelchair ages ago as per routine of the past two weeks and was sitting at the entrance by herself as per her own request. She was waiting here now for Mizuko to show up, and was staring off into space when they finally did.

Akemi finally got to the top step on her all fours when her mother in toe. The one year old smiled waving and pointed Korra out. Mizuko took a little break after climbing all those stairs. The toddler ran up to teen and attempted to give her a big hug. The older woman walked up to Korra putting her daughter on her lap.